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Last updated: 19th March 2024

What is long stay travel insurance?

If you enjoy taking your time and savouring every moment a bit longer, that's absolutely fine! Just ensure you have the appropriate long stay travel insurance to safeguard your extended adventure. Long stay travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for those extended trips, lasting 90 days or more for single trip insurance and up to 90 days per trip for annual cover. This type of insurance is ideal for those extensive holidays that could occupy a significant part of your year, offering peace of mind throughout your journey.

You can easily compare quotes for long stay travel cover right here with us. No hassle, just simple access to top insurance providers all in one spot.

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What does long stay travel insurance cover? 

Long stay cover is a valuable addition to a single trip or annual multi-trip insurance policy. However, it is essential to ensure that your policy includes a few basic items as a minimum requirement. The first critical aspect to check for is cancellation cover. Planning a long trip only to face cancellation can be disheartening, especially considering the investment made in bringing the trip to life. Cancellation cover protects your investment (minus any excess) and eases the disappointment of having to cancel your plans.

Equally important is medical cover in your long stay policy. Illness can strike at any time, and the likelihood may increase during an extended trip. Insurance providers consider this factor, so it is wise to ensure that the limit for medical coverage is sufficiently high for peace of mind.

Similarly, personal liability cover is crucial. Spending more time in a particular location may slightly raise the risk of minor accidents. Though the probability remains low, accidents are unforeseeable. While we trust your responsible nature, having coverage for such incidents is prudent and ensures you are prepared for any unexpected events. Additionally, personal liability cover can protect you in case of any legal claims made against you by a third party.

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What are the additional benefits of long stay travel insurance? 

Besides essential cover, several other benefits come with long stay travel insurance. These include protection for your baggage and personal belongings if they are lost or damaged during your travels (of which you may have more with you on a longer trip). Some policies may also offer compensation for travel delays or missed connections, ensuring you have the necessary support during your extended trip.

Another significant benefit is cover for activities and sports. Many travellers take advantage of their longer trips to engage in various activities such as skiing, hiking, or even extreme sports like bungee jumping. Having the right insurance coverage can protect you from any injuries sustained during these activities and provide assistance if any medical treatment is required.

Additionally, some long stay travel insurance policies offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This can be beneficial for those with ongoing health issues who still want to embark on an extended trip without worrying about potential medical expenses.

Things to consider when choosing long stay travel insurance

When you're weighing up your options for long stay travel insurance, it really pays to do a bit of homework. Here are a few friendly pointers to guide you through the process, without getting bogged down in insurance speak.

  • Destination Matters: Different parts of the world may come with different levels of risk and thus can affect the cost of your policy. Make sure your insurance covers all the places you plan to visit.
  • Duration of Your Trip: It's vital to ensure your policy covers the entire duration of your stay. Remember, the longer the trip, the more comprehensive your policy should be.
  • Medical Cover: Look closely at what medical treatments are covered. Make sure it includes hospital stays, emergency transport, and possibly even a flight home if needed due to medical reasons.
  • Cover for Your Activities: Planning to skydive, scuba dive, or hike up a mountain? Check if these activities are covered. You don't want any surprises if you decide to go on an adventure.
  • Personal Belongings and Equipment: If you're travelling with gadgets, sports equipment, or other valuables, check how much coverage is offered for personal belongings and ensure it meets your needs.
  • Exclusions and Excess: Understanding what's not covered is just as important as knowing what is. Also, find out how much you'd need to pay towards any claim (this is the excess) as this can vary greatly.

Choosing the right policy isn't just about finding the best price; it’s about ensuring you have the protection you need to enjoy your long stay away with peace of mind. Take your time, ask questions, and pick the policy that feels right for you.

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What to bear in mind

The main thing to bear in mind is that some insurance providers might vary the duration of long stay coverage based on your age and where you’re actually travelling to. So, if you’re planning on travelling for a longer period and don’t want to be stung with an unexpected bill when the time comes to claim, make sure you read all terms carefully before purchasing insurance.

But, the great thing about our service is that we match you to the best insurance policies based on your personal information and travel requirements. That way, you don’t need to waste time speaking to countless different providers to see if they can meet your needs on the off-chance.

Long stay travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for individuals embarking on extended trips. With additional benefits such as coverage for activities, personal belongings, and pre-existing medical conditions, it is a valuable addition to any travel insurance policy. When choosing long stay travel insurance, it is essential to consider factors such as destination, trip duration, medical coverage, and exclusions to ensure you have the right protection for your needs.

And with our service matching you with the best policies based on your personal information and travel requirements, finding the right coverage has never been easier. So don't forget to include long stay travel insurance in your preparations for your next extended trip - it's worth the investment for a worry-free journey. Overall, having comprehensive long stay travel insurance allows you to fully enjoy your extended travels without worrying about potential expenses or unforeseen events.

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Single trip travel insurance policies provide cover for a date-specific, individual trip, and will provide cover from the moment you leave your home, to the moment you return. Cover benefits, to name a few, include medical, repatriation and cancellation. Some insurance providers can also provide cover for up to 94 days.

If you’re not a frequent traveller, a single trip policy is a great option, that will likely be cheaper than an annual multi-trip policy.

No. Cover can only be provided for trips that begin and end in the UK.

All annual policies have a maximum length for each trip you take, which varies from provider to provider. Usually, an annual policy will come with a 30/31 day trip duration as standard. However, some insurance providers can provide cover for longer periods, of up to 45 or 60 days.

When obtaining a quote on Compare Your Travel Insurance, we will let you know what the maximum trip duration is before you purchase.

However, if you need a policy that protects for a longer period, a single trip policy might be a better option. For single trip policies, some of our insurance providers can offer cover for stays of up to 94 days. 

Always check your policy wording before purchasing.

A pre-existing medical condition is any diagnosed medical condition for which medical advice, care or treatment was recommended or received, before applying for your travel insurance policy.

We will need to know if certain conditions have ever been present, and for others, if they occurred within a certain period.

All our prices are live and set by the insurance provider, meaning we will always show you the best possible deals, we have available.

We do not provide discounts or offer price matches, as we do not inflate or add our commissions to the quotes we display on our site. Instead, the insurance provider will give us a percentage of the cost of your insurance policy. We don't have any favourites, nor are we owned by any insurance company, meaning the commission we receive does not influence the results you see.

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Author: Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director

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